TrailRider All-Terrain Wheelchair

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The Surf Coast Shire is committed to improving access for people of all abilities and through an exciting partnership with Parks Victoria, we’re now able to provide better access to our great outdoors.

What is the TrailRider

The TrailRider is an all-terrain wheelchair that will allow for residents and visitors with physical and mobility issues to get out in the great outdoors and explore some of the Surf Coast's most stunning parks and reserves.  The one-wheeled chair is a cross between a wheelbarrow and a sedan chair.  The wheel supports the rider's weight while the handles at the front and the back allow two, three or four helpers (or sherpas) to guide the rider up and down tracks.  

Book the chair for free from the Surf Coast Sport & Recreation Centre

The chair can be booked for free! 

  1. check availabilities
  2. Call 5261 4606 to book

You will need:

  • your own bicycle helmet
  • Two or four fit sherpas 
    Please note: the level of access the TrailRider can achieve in parks & reserves is determined by the number, strength and level of fitness of people operating the chair.  The TrailRider requires a minimum of two reasonably fit people (one at each end of the chair) to enable a passenger to travel in the chair.  It is recommended that four people, plus the passenger, operate the TrailRider on more testing terrain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the TrailRider?
The chair can be booked for free through the Surf Coast Sport & Recreation Centre located on Beach Road, Torquay, next to the Visitor Information Centre & Surf World Museum.
Phone: 03 5261 4606   Fax: 03 5261 4756    Email:

How long can I hire the TrailRider for?
The chair can be booked for up to 7 days.

What are the dimensions of the chair for transportation?
The TrailRider weighs 25kg and requires two people to load it safely into the back of a car. It folds down to a size of 172 cm x 82 cm x 61 cm.

Where can I take the TrailRider?
The Surf Coast Shire recommends several tracks for the TrailRider, including some spectacular sections of the Surf Coast Walk:

  • Sections 1-4, Point Impossible – Torquay – Bird Rock – Bells Beach
  • Sections 7-8, Anglesea Riverbank – Point Roadknight
  • Sections 11-12, Aireys Inlet – Fairhaven

Note: the sections of the Surf Coast Walk that are not recommended involve steep sections, stairs and beach walking, which would be difficult to navigate with the TrailRider. The tracks recommended have been graded as ‘easy’ or ‘moderate’ difficulty.  Whilst the level of difficulty is low, the tracks still include some hilly sections and as such, the access by the TrailRider is determined by the fitness and strength of the operators. View Surf Coast Walk map(PDF, 8MB).

Can I take the TrailRider on the beach?
No.  The TrailRider is not suitable for beach access, but the Surf Coast Shire will soon have a Beach Wheelchair available for hire.

Instructional Videos

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