Bin Trial for Glass Separation


Thanks to all of the residents who volunteered to trial a fourth household wheelie bin, for the separation of glass. Expressions of interest have now closed, and we will be reviewing all applications to include a selection of households from across the Shire. 

Council has committed to an improved kerbside waste and recycling service. One change in 2020 will be the introduction of a fourth wheelie bin.

We will conduct a trial during November to test the size of the bin, and to gain feedback from local households. 

About the trial

The trial is capped at 30 households from across the shire; we will select a sample that represents a diversity of household types and locations. To get the most insights out of this trial, we are inviting participation from full-time residents only.

All household glass collected will be recycled at the completion of the trial.

What’s involved:

  • If your household is selected, we will deliver an extra wheelie bin for glass (120 litre, the same size as your existing landfill bin).
  • Use the extra bin to collect your typical household glass, for the four week period 1-29 November 2019.
  • We will collect the extra bin at the end of the trial period and take the contents to be recycled.
  • Continue using and putting out your existing bins for collection as normal.
  • Complete a short survey at the end of the trial period.

Expressions of interest have now closed.


Removing the glass is a simple thing to do, but it has a huge impact on the quality of the other recyclable materials collected.

The simple reason is that glass breaks, first when it’s thrown in the kerbside bin, again as the recyclables are compacted in the truck, and a third time during the processing at the sorting facility. The broken pieces contaminate the paper and cardboard, plastic and metal, which makes those materials less valuable and harder to recycle.