Torquay Town Centre pedestrian & traffic improvements

Feedback has now closed.

ped crossing cropped.jpg

A series of pedestrian and traffic improvement works are being planned for the Torquay town centre. Thanks to community members who provided feedback on these planned works; the survey has now closed. 

The works will enhance road safety and make it safer and easier for people to access, walk and cycle around the town centre.

The following map shows the locations of the works, which are planned to begin next year after the busy Easter period and be completed by June 2022.


Sample images of proposed works

TCC sample pics.JPG

Frequently Asked Questions

What impacts will there be during the works?

There will be some impacts during the works, however we will do all we can to minimise disruption. We will communicate these impacts with directly affected residents and businesses closer to the implementation of the works. 

What is the aim of the works?

The project aims to achieve a safer system for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles to access Torquay town centre through a series of pedestrian treatments, speed control and intersection improvements.

In addition to enhancing community safety and wellbeing, the project aims to support and encourage safe active transport. We used crash pattern analysis and community feedback to determine key locations for treatment.

The works will complement the recently completed pedestrian crossings on Gilbert Street, Pearl Street and Bristol Road, and parking upgrades on Zeally Bay Road and Fischer Street.