Expand Your Impact program

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February-March 2023

Council is partnering with Make A Change Australia, bringing the Expand Your Impact program to the region.

Expand Your Impact encourages people to think a little differently and grow success in any area of life.

Participation can be via online workshops, subscribing to receive resources, joining a supportive network, or all of these opportunities rolled into one.

Participation is free, and all residents, volunteers, businesses and organisations in Surf Coast Shire are invited to benefit. The program is suitable for ages 16 years and over.

It explores six key areas useful for making change happen:

  • Vision: Discovering and rediscovering ‘what lights you up?’
  • Projects: Giving thoughts and ideas the structure to ‘make them happen’
  • Story: Creating your compelling narrative to ‘engage others’
  • Team: Building networks, growing communities and enlisting ‘support’
  • People: Working together effectively for ‘greater outcomes’
  • Digital Tools: Navigating the world online with ‘impact’

Program Dates

Online workshop series
Free to join, over six consecutive weeks. Complete any number of workshops you choose, from one to all six!

  • 21 February to 28 March 2023, 6-7.30pm (Tuesdays) 

         Note: this is a repeat of the same online workshops run in October-November 2022

Register for workshops

Email resources

Receive a six part email pack dropping into your inbox weekly, providing information, ideas, and food for thought on the topics listed above.

Sign up for resources

Make A Change Facebook group

Connect with like-minded people to share ideas, knowledge, inspiration and support.

Join the group

For more information please contact:

Community Development Advisor - Sally Sneddon

Email: ssneddon@surfcoast.vic.gov.au 

Call: 03 5261 0600 or 0438 160 541

Expand Your Impact is a partnership between:
Make A Change Australia 
Surf Coast Shire Council
Golden Plains Shire Council
Melton City Council
Central Goldfields Shire Council
Buloke Shire Council
Buloke and Northern Grampians Landcare Network