Neighbourhood Safer Place - Bushfire Place of Last Resort

There are number of Neighbourhood Safer Places - Bushfire Places of Last Resort in the Surf Coast Shire provided for the community as a last resort survival option.  These do not replace a well throughout and practised plan, going to a Neighbourhood Safer Places - Bushfire Place of Last Resort (NSP-BPLR) should only be your last resort when your plans have failed. There is no guarantee you will survive at an BPLR. The safest option is to leave early.

Neighbourhood Safer Places - Bushfire Places of Last Resort are open spaces such as an oval, that have an adequate buffer zone to fire hazards and have been assessed for potential radiant heat impact. It may provide some limited protection from radiant heat which is the biggest killer in bushfires. It will not protect you from smoke or embers.

Please remember

  • Going to a Neighbourhood Safer Places - Bushfire Place of Last Resort does not guarantee your survival and should only be used when your bushfire plans have failed or cannot be implemented
  • Travelling when there is a bushfire can be extremely dangerous. Roads may be busy or blocked by trees, it will be hard to see due to smoke, there will be embers and may be spot fires
  • There is no guarantee that the Country Fire Authority or any other emergency services will be present.
  • Food and drinks or medical services are not provided at places of last resort
  • They have limited capacity there is no provision for animals
  • Many houses may provide better protection than a Neighbourhood Safer Places - Bushfire Place of Last Resort.

Surf Coast Shire has 10 designated Neighbourhood Safer Places - Bushfire Places of Last Resort:

 Township  Facility  Address
Aireys Inlet Bottom Shops
Car parking area in front
Great Ocean Road (opposite Inlet Crescent)
Aireys Inlet 3231
Anglesea Shopping Strip
Car parking area in front
Great Ocean Road (between Camp Road and McDougall Road)
Anglesea 3230
Anglesea River Bank Great Ocean Road (opposite Minifie Avenue)
Anglesea 3230
Deans Marsh Martians Cafe site
Car Park
Corner Birregurra-Deans Marsh and Deans Marsh-Lorne Roads
Deans Marsh 3235
Jan Juc Bob Pettitt Reserve Sunset Strip (between Wattle Court and Domain Road)
Jan Juc 3228
Lorne Lorne Foreshore Mountjoy Parade (opposite Williams Street)
Lorne 3232
Lorne Point Grey Picnic Area and Carpark Great Ocean Road
(between Mountjoy Parade and Hird Street)
Lorne 3232
Moriac Newling Reserve/ Moriac Community Centre. Grassed area at rear of building Hendy Main Road (between Deppeler Avenue and Cooks Lane). Entry also available from Daniel Drive
Moriac 3240
Mount Moriac Mount Moriac Recreation Reserve, Western half of No 1 Oval (main) 755 Reservoir Road (between Ervins Rd and Drewry Lane)
Mount Moriac 3240
Winchelsea Shopping Complex Car Park Corner Willis Street and Princess Highway
Winchelsea 3241