What can go in each bin

red and yellow bins

Recycling bin

As a guide, rigid plastic, paper, glass bottles and jars, and aluminium and tin are all great to include in your recycling bin. You cannot include plastic bags, ceramics (plates and mugs), polystyrene, garbage and food scraps.

See the Think Recycle website for full information on our recycling services.

You can take plastic bags (including bread bags, packaging, frozen food bags and more) to most Coles and Woolies to place in a REDcycle bin. Find out more about REDcycle.

Green waste bin

Most clippings from basic gardening can be put in the green waste bin. This includes:

  • grass clippings and weeds (free of soil)
  • leaves
  • small logs and raw timber offcuts
  • garden prunings

If you have large amounts that don’t fit you can take them to one of our waste disposal sites.

Garbage bin

Most general household waste can be placed in your garbage bin, but some things should go to our waste disposal sites for disposal. These include:

  • hard waste from industrial sites or business premises
  • car batteries
  • mobile phones
  • rubbish from construction or demolition of buildings
  • large stumps or tree trunks
  • asbestos, fibre glass insulation or hazardous material
  • liquids, chemicals, oils, fats
  • smoke detectors
  • chemical Waste

The Detox your Home program is a safe, free and easy-to-use service to dispose of common household chemicals like pesticides, cleaners, solvents, fertiliser, antifreeze and more. They have pop up sites where they accept most common chemicals, as well as permanent drop off sites that accept extra materials like paint and fluorescent lights.

For more information (like dates, locations, and a list of accepted materials), visit Sustainability Victoria's Detox Your Home website or call 1300 363 744.