Waste collection dates


What to know about your kerbside collection

  • Bins in Anglesea are collected on Wednesdays.
  • Your organics bin (including food scraps along with garden clippings) is collected weekly.
  • Your landfill (general waste) bin will be collected fortnightly, alternating with your recycling collection.

Waste collection dates

Collection calendar (Anglesea week one)(PDF, 44KB)

Collection calendar (Anglesea week two)(PDF, 44KB)

Find out which collection you're in (Week 1 or Week 2)(PDF, 207KB)

Why are general waste bins in Anglesea only getting collected fortnightly?

Our audit found that kerbside landfill bins in the shire contained 27% food organics, a total of 40% organic waste (including garden organics), and 16% recyclable items.

This means that most of the items in landfill bins can be diverted to the organics bin and the recycling bin.

Separating out recycling, food organics and other items that can be diverted from landfill will save space and reduce smell in your bin.