Organics bin

green circle with leaf image Garden waste placed in your organics bin is sent to a composting facility in Shepparton where it's processed into compost, mulch and soil conditioner, instead of being buried in landfill.

If you’re a GOOD SORT, your garden organics collection will be:

  • free of contamination by the wrong things
  • kept out of landfill
  • put to good use in parks, gardens and farms.

Anglesea residents

Please see the page on the Anglesea Food Organics Collection pilot for what goes into your organics bin.

Shire-wide (except Anglesea)

What’s accepted in my organics bin?

Most garden clippings can be put into your organics bin. This includes:

grass clippings
leaves, twigs and flowers
small branches and raw timber offcuts (up to 30cm long and 10cm in diameter)

If you have a large amount that doesn’t fit in the kerbside bin you can take it to one of our transfer stations

DO NOT include other waste such as:

X Household garbage
Items that can be recycled
X Plastic bags (even if biodegradable)
X Kitty litter
X Large logs or stumps
X Branches too big to fit in the bin (more than 30cm long and 10cm in diameter)
X Painted or treated timber
X Stones, rocks, bricks or rubble
X Plant pots
X Garden tools or hoses
X Cigarette butts
X Nappies or sanitary items
X Kitchen sponges or cloths
X Clingwrap, plastic packaging or foil
X Liquids
X Hazardous or medical waste such as sharps or sharps containers