Local plants and weeds

Yellow flower

We love locally indigenous plants! They’re always the best choice for gardens, reserves and roadsides to help to improve biodiversity in the Surf Coast Shire. 

Indigenous Planting Guide - Rural(PDF, 944KB)  

Indigenous Plant Guide - Urban(PDF, 577KB)

Surf-Coast-Shire-soil-type-zones.pdf(PDF, 328KB)

What we don’t love are weeds. Sometimes weeds are planted intentionally, but they are a threat to native plants and need to be controlled. Learn more about weeds and how to control them

Landscaping your Surf Coast Garden for Bushfire

As a property owner you have an important role to play in reducing bushfire risk by the way you design, develop and maintain your property.  Council has developed a video and the Landscaping your Surf Coast Garden for Bushfire(PDF, 2MB) booklet to help.

Roadside management

Did you know well-managed roadsides contribute to road safety, fire prevention, protection of the environment and flood management? Council manages road reserves with all these things in mind.

Roadside Management Strategy(PDF, 513KB)

Code of Environment Practice for Works on Rural Roadsides(PDF, 457KB)

Roadside Management Prescriptions Index(PDF, 45KB)

Roadside Management Prescriptions(PDF, 425KB)

Remnant Roadside Vegetation of the Surf Coast Shire(PDF, 1MB)

Collection of firewood

You may not collect firewood from just anywhere you see it lying around. Native vegetation, including fallen timber, is protected on all roadsides within the Shire. Take it illegally and you could get fined.

Residents can get a permit to collect firewood from a designated site within the Otway Forest Park. For more info contact the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) on 136 186.

Foraging on Council owned or managed land

You may not collect native plants on Council owned and managed land, and could get fined if you do. For more information see Council’s Local Amenity Law and the Victorian Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988.

Caution: Council may use herbicides, insecticides and inorganic fertilisers on land it owns and manages. Plants on Council owned or managed land may be affected by the use of these products.

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